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The Foot Lady Powys 

You only have one set of feet! Often neglected in your work boots, flip flops or slippers UNTIL there is a problem...

June 2021 saw the creation of The Foot Lady Powys Ltd - a dream created by mother and daughter team Tracey Bufton and Ria-Louise Wright who had a strong desire to deliver a person focused and bespoke health-related service in foot care.

Both Tracey and Ria have a wealth of experience in medical, health and social care sectors, embracing the span of life including genetic and acquired conditions.

As independent foot health practitioners, The Foot Lady Powys’ philosophy is to provide you, your family, your friends and the members of your wider community with:

  • A safe and exceptional service, using quality products and equipment

  • Gold Standard treatment: only using tools that are designed for diabetic feet

  • Improved health literacy, knowledge and techniques for confident self-management of foot health between appointments

  • Improved well-being

  • Person-centred care

  • Research and evidence-based approach to foot care

  • Rigorous and up to date technical knowledge

  • Maintenance or improvement of the status of the feet that are being treated

A photo of Tracey Bufton

I completed my foot health practitioner training at the start of June 2021, my background is in nursing and public health, my qualifications are detailed below.

​My ambition is to provide people with proactive knowledge of how best to care for their feet and wellbeing.

Tracey Bufton

MSc - BSc - MCMA - DipCFHP - MPSPract

I am one half of The Foot Lady Powys.

I now live in beautiful Mid Wales and have done since moving from North Norfolk in January 2020.

My aim is to provide a gold standard service to each and every client, to enable them to maintain their activities of daily life. 

My qualifications: DipCHFP, Dip Diabetic Foot, BSc Nursing & MSc Public Health. I remain an NMC registered adult nurse.


Ria Wright

DipHE - DipCFHP - MPSPract

My name is Ria, I am the other half of The Foot Lady Powys.

I am also lucky enough to live in the heart of Wales having moved from North Norfolk in January 2020.

A photo of Ria Wright

I completed my foot health practitioner training at the start of December 2020.

You might be wondering what the letters after my name mean, well, DipCFHP means that I acquired my Diploma at the College of Foot Health Practitioners and MPSPract means that I am a Member of the Private Sector Practitioners. 

My qualifications include: DipHE Adult Nursing, Beauty Therapy Level 2, DipCHFP and Nail Reconstruction.

Pre-appointment notes

Please note that although we can attend to multiple different ailments in one appointment, it may take a series of appointments to resolve or effectively maintain your ailments.


Severity of ailments will dictate position in the queue of treatment – over treating could cause more trauma than not treating. 

Please remove nail polish (including gel polish) prior to your appointment. We do not have the facility to remove this and nails cannot be assessed with polish/gel present.

Please do not wash or soak feet for at least 2 hours before your appointment – this is important so that feet can be assessed in their natural state.

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